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“DigitalHR was founded in 2011. We specialise in digital and IT and our mission is to help great companies hire great people. We focus on finding those who care about their work and strive to become the best. We have been part of the growth of companies through our professionalism and focus on finding experienced and motivated candidates, so we understand how crucial that is for you. Over the years we have helped many companies through our emphasis on finding technically gifted individuals with interpersonal skills to boot.”

Ekaterina Gavrilova,
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Added: 08/10/2019
If you don’t get enough information from a candidate during a job interview, your decision about hiring them may be ill-judged. Geoff Smart and Randy Street, the authors of the bestseller Who: The A method for hiring. Solve your #1 problem, conducted a research and found out that, on average, an unsuccessful offer results in costs of about 15 monthly wages of an employee.