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Added: 19/12/2019
Ekaterina Gavrilova from DigitalHR recruitment agency gives tips on how to react if a recruiter reaches out to you offering a job.
Added: 18/11/2019
How should a PR rep build their company’s HR brand so that people would want to work for it?
Added: 08/10/2019
If you don’t get enough information from a candidate during a job interview, your decision about hiring them may be ill-judged. Geoff Smart and Randy Street, the authors of the bestseller Who: The A method for hiring. Solve your #1 problem, conducted a research and found out that, on average, an unsuccessful offer results in costs of about 15 monthly wages of an employee.
Added: 16/09/2019
In recruiting, just like in sales, there is the notion of a ‘funnel’. A wide funnel of candidates is the flow that provides the company with both streaming and pinpoint closings. It is predominantly comprised of responses on job sites, to a company's e-mail address, and on social media. But it may involve business acquaintances at events, referral systems, internship programs…
Added: 26/08/2019
Candidates are willing to let it pass when you look for a ‘JS ninja’ or a ‘back-end god’. But they will hardly forgive you the same creative approach to a job description. DigitalHR founder Katerina Gavrilova shares some points to pay attention to when composing a job description for an IT specialist.
Added: 10/07/2019
You may have an excellent job opening, friendly staff, a dynamically growing company — that is, all that what we love mentioning in job descriptions — but you won’t be able to hook a candidate used to their attention being fought for.
Added: 03/06/2016
DigitalHR is delighted to announce a partnership with Linguapractica, an online English school based in London to help our candidates build English skills for their careers in IT and digital.
Added: 10/03/2016
Katerina Gavrilova, Founder of DigitalHR tells thinkRussia about starting a career.
Added: 24/02/2016
Everybody has read about the corporate culture at Google. I recommend the film “Footage” to university students and future HR and PR professionals.
Added: 24/02/2016
”Scrum. Revolutionary project management techniques” by Jeff Sutherland