To scrum or not to scrum

Added: 24/02/2016

”Scrum. Revolutionary project management techniques” by Jeff Sutherland

We have several years we recruited Scrum-masters. Their average salary ranges from 100 to 160 thousand (or more), but they are known only in the IT industry. However, the case that is described in the book revolutionary Scrum methodology applicable to all spheres of life.

Get back to basics. The term "Scrum" comes from sporting terminology. This element of Rugby, the implementation of which requires the effective interaction of the group of eight people.

Scrum method is a method of management of complex projects, which allows to respond flexibly to external changes and and get the desired product. Scrum is the negation of bureaucracy and the ability to change.

The book contains many visual examples of the IT practices that enable you to feel all the nuances of the technique:

"If you make the project to repair the house according to Scrum, you had better renovate one room at a sprint instead of remove the old flooring and start stroebe walls under wiring".

Scrum denies "the truth". For example, multitask managers were surprised to find that Scrum does not accept multi-tasking, since it only increases the time for working on the project: "the simplest example that multitasking is not only harmful but also life — threatening as when a person is driving and simultaneously talking on the phone".

Scrum methodology is ideal for times of crisis. It helps to reduce the technical, financial and market risks that are very attractive to executives. This book will be perceived easily if you are already familiar with such concepts as "Lean manufacturing", a Venn diagram, the PDCA cycle and the state of the thread.

Most importantly, after reading the book, don't become a Scrum zealot - such a strong impression it produces. This method primarily allows to optimize the processes and not get bogged down in monitoring the action.

Good luck!

Katerina Gavrilova, founder of recruitment Agency DigitalHR

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