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A software company building a global print cloud is looking for Senior/Middle Back-end developer.

Following company's global expansion, we are seeking a talented Senior/Middle Back-end developer to join the growing team. You will be responsible for developing and streamline web services to delight customers and build a strong and lasting software foundation.
You will be working closely with the Product Owner, architects, QA team developing their customer-facing applications and/or platform services. You will also be involved and responsible to mentor and develop more junior team members, stay up to date with relevant modern technologies and trends as well as keep an open mind to develop and execute new flexible platform-level solutions. The position is based in Stockholm, Sweden or Moscow, Russia.

What you will be doing:

  • Develop, improve and streamline company's global B2B, B2C or platform services.
  • Take operational responsibility for the services that you and your team are building.
  • Stay up to date with related modern technologies and trends.
  • Collaborate closely with other engineers as a valuable member of a cross-functional team.
  • Mentor and develop more junior team members.

Who you are:

In order to be successful in this role, you will need to have a start-up mentality. You are committed to excel with energy and endurance while you understand that building a company is hard but satisfying work. You have good communication skills, high integrity and great attention to detail.

Moreover, we would like to see evidence of the following in your profile:

  • A minimum of B.S. degree in Information Technology, Computer Science, Maths or similar field.
  • Solid experience (minimum 5 years) as a developer/Senior developer in web applications with SOA.
  • Strong written and verbal English communication skills.
  • Expert in PHP development with Symphony, familiar with PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Gearman.
  • Have mastered test automation and worked in the continuous integration environment.
  • Understands application security and scalability aspects.
  • Experience with Java, NodeJS as well as modern Front-end development tools would be plus.

What company offers:

  • They offer you a chance to be part of a truly amazing journey in a company that sets very high targets and works hard to achieve them. They are not just another social web application; they are changing one of the world’s largest industries as the engine for personalized products for creators and global brands.
  • You will be able to work with smart, motivated, and engaged co-workers from all over the world, in a very energetic environment.
  • You will have a tangible impact on the way that they operate and expand their business.
  • Working with some of the most ambitious colleagues out there you will have a ground floor opportunity to put all your experience and know-how to the test while learning at a speed you thought was impossible before joining. As they continue to grow they want you to grow with them and for the right candidate, there is no limit to where this opportunity might take you.


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    Что ждать от нас:

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    • Интервью с рекрутером DigitalHr;

    • Техническое интервью в компании.


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    • Хорошие знания Java 8 и выше.
    • Знание SQL.
    • Опыт работы с PostgreSQL.
    • Опыт работы со Spring 5 (Boot, REST, Kafka, JPA). 
    • Понимание микросервисной архитектуры. 
    • Опыт работы с REST-сервисами.
    • Опыт работы с Hibernate или аналогами.
    • Опыт работы с Git.
    • Опыт работы с Docker и Kubernetes.
    • Знание английского языка не ниже B2 (будет потребность в коммуникации с коллегами-разработчиками).
    • Опыт работы в команде, коммуникабельность.



    • Работа в крупной международной компании. 
    • ДМС.
    • Гибкий график работы.
    • Амбициозная команда и конкурентная заработная плата.


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