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О вакансии

Early-stage startup creates a no-code process automation SaaS for modern teams and looking for a Senior JavaScript developer. The company offers a lot of freedom and responsibility for making technological decisions.

Technology stack:

  • Back-end API: Java 13, Spring Boot 2.2.5, MySQL 8.
  • Web Front-end: Node.js, Express 4, React 16.13, Redux, Thunk, Emotion, Webpack with Babel.
  • DevOps: AWS, Docker, Jenkins, Nexus, MBT, Terraform.


  • Strong experience with ES 2018, HTML5, CSS3, React with Hooks, Redux, Thunk or Saga, Styled components.
  • Good experience with cross-browser compatibility and transpiling/polyfilling to maximize browser support.
  • Good experience with unit testing and the common frameworks like Jest, Mocha, Chai, Enzyme, Sinon.
  • Good experience with ES modules, Webpack and setting up an efficient build process.
  • Good experience with developing single-page applications and optimizing for performance.
  • Experience with developing SaaS applications / productivity tools as a plus.
  • Experience with working in MVP- / early startup environments as a plus.
  • Experience with developing text editors and using “content-editable” elements as a strong plus.
  • Experience with developing real-time collaborative web applications using Operational Transformation or CRDTs as a really strong plus.
  • Solid written and spoken English is a must.
  • A practical mindset with the right balance of speed and quality.
  • Ability to work independently, ideally some experience working individually as part of a remote team.


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  • American “space” startup is looking for Frontend developer.

    The team is the remote-first, early-stage US startup, graduated from the startup accelerator in the UAE and raised the seed round from one of the largest US VC funds and private investors. The team develops SaaS service that takes care of satellite mission planning, technical analysis, paperwork, and supply chain management. The goal is to make Space more accessible and help any business launch satellites to create more value for their customers.



    • Java 13
    • Spring Boot
    • Spring Data JPA
    • Postgres
    • Flyway for the DB consistency
    • Spock and Groovy for the unit/integrational testing
    • Swagger
    • Gradle.


    • Typescript
    • Angular 8
    • Angular Material
    • HTML and SCSS.

    Deploy and Analytics:

    • Docker for containerization
    • AWS (EC2, S3, EB, RDS, etc..)
    • Gitlab for CI/CD.
    • Sentry for the error logging.
    • New relic for the app monitoring.
    • You don't have to know it all, but the more the better.


    • Experience of working with TypeScript.
    • Experience of working with Angular.


    Must Have:

    • First of all, know how to create new things from the stage of the vague idea to the stage of deployment to production.
    • Programming is a team sport, so you should be a strong team player. Superpower to explain tech stuff to the non-tech people is a huge plus.
    • Hands-on experience developing web applications.
    • Comfortably learning new technologies.
    • Strong problem-solving skills by writing maintainable code.
    • Hands-on knowledge of working in an Agile environment.
    • Intermediate English skills.

    Nice To Haves:

    • An active account on Github.



    • Unique opportunity to build a brand new product for one of the most advanced and exciting industries.
    • Stock options.
    • Competitive salary.
    • A chance to become one of the members of the core team.
    • Ability to work from our Abu Dhabi office or WeWork globally.
    • Remote work from any place with a solid internet connection.
    • Flat structure, where everyone has their own voice.
    • The team don't use outdated technologies and always try to maintain the latest stable versions of the libraries. 

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  • Международная быстрорастущая платформа по работе с блогерами и создателями контента в поиске Front-end developer.


    • Опыт Front-end-разработки не менее 3-х лет.
    • Глубокие знания HTML, CSS, JS.
    • Опыт использования React, Redux, Relay/Apollo,TypeScript, Webpack.
    • Опыт работы с Git.
    • Опыт написания UNIT-тестов.
    • Умение отладки кода — как своего, так и чужого.
    • Дисциплинированное написание кода (с учетом стандартов команды).
    • Командная работа, неконфликтность, стремление к знаниям и к тому, чтобы сделать мир лучше.



    • Добавление новых фич после работы продуктовой команды.
    • Дополнительно: Scrum, gitflow, React/Redux, GraphQL, Docker, Kubernetes и много других правильных вещей в каждодневном использовании.



    • Работа над глобальным продуктом с пользователями в Северной Америке, Европе, Великобритании, России и странах СНГ.
    • Возможность работать с супергероями в московском офисе или работать удаленно из любой точки мира с командировками в Москву или Нью-Йорк.
    • Рыночный уровень заработной платы, исходя из вашего личного опыта.
    • Гибкость и свобода в принятии решений. 
    • Дружелюбная атмосфера и команда лучших профессионалов.
    • Отличный стек технологий и экспертов в команде, которые готовы делиться знаниями.


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