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Проект, который объединяет десятки сайтов, сервисов и мобильных приложений для жителей столицы, ищет Product-менеджера.

Ищем Product-менеджера с созидательной мотивацией, который готов разрабатывать максимально простые и удобные сервисы для москвичей. Простота для пользователя, конечно, прямо пропорциональна сложности для Product-менеджера. Поэтому мы ищем профессионала-педанта, который умеет четко формулировать и защищать свою точку зрения в процессе спецификации продукта.

Разрабатываемый продукт - это не история про далёкое будущее и такие же далёкие инновации. Этот проект про настоящее, когда онлайн-сообщество адаптирует город под нужды пользователей. Проект включает в себя объединения сайтов, сервисов, мобильных приложений для жителей столицы и их гостей. Проект развивается несколькими командами, ответственными за разные части продукта. Вам предстоит присоединиться к одной из команд и решать задачу управления полным продуктовым циклом.

Что необходимо:

  • Высшее техническое образование;
  • Опыт работы в IT-компаниях и/или стратегическом консультировании от трёх лет (в качестве аналитика, разработчика, продакт-менеджера, консультанта);
  • Аналитические способности, чтобы выделять наиболее перспективные направления.
  • Уверенное владение Excel;
  • Понимание MVP, UI/UX, CusDev.

Будет плюсом:

  • Знание SQL;
  • Понимание особенности Agile;
  • Опыт спецификации IT-продукта.

Компания предлагает:

  • Сильную команду профессионалов, увлечённых своим делом;
  • Проект федерального уровня, но атмосферу стартапа внутри;
  • Возможность для смелых инициатив.

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  • American company which offers a subscription to designer scents is looking for Product manager.

    We're looking for someone that lives and breathes consumer experiences across iOS and Android apps. You’ll play a pivotal role in executing the company's mobile roadmap and delivering scalable products and features that will spark growth and retention.

    About the role:
    You will lead the mobile app product, working both to maximize the impact and efficiency of an internal customers, and to ensure that they are building the best possible experience for their users in alignment with the overall company’s mission. 

    What you’ll do:

    • You develop and drive forward the mobile product vision to align with the company vision and help inform product and design team roadmaps and goal setting.
    • Lead the discovery, prioritization, and delivery of features and other optimizations that maximize performance and make the most of the mobile app platform’s capabilities, and development frameworks and strategies that make development more efficient for the rest of organization.
    • Use research, data analysis, wireframes, product requirements, and/or other illustrations to communicate product vision and roadmap to senior management and various partners, and ensure alignment with company-level initiatives.
    • Drive internal process improvements and provide day-to-day coordination and quality assurance for user stories and other requirements. Communicate project status to partners and various key teams around the organization.
    • Conduct experiments to validate hypotheses and ensure product quality.
    • Develop metrics to measure the success of program changes, analyze results, and use this analysis to inform further iteration.
    • You're up on all the latest trends in mobile, payments, and other emerging platforms and you have a strong instinctual sense of where things are going so that you can ensure the mobile app continuous success in the future.
    • Prioritize development activities with engineering teams, assist in determining the best technical implementation methods, work closely with QA on acceptance testing and lead product launches


    What you’ll need:

    • 5+ years of experience as a product manager.
    • Experience with Android and iOS platforms with a deep understanding of user behavior.
    • Ability to drive and manage digital products to scale.
    • Passionate about creating functional consumer products, and experience building them.
    • Ability to structure problem-solving approaches and to bring multiple solutions to solving complex problems.
    • Strong English.



    • A chance to work in an international environment.
    • Financial terms will be discussed with successful candidate.


    Send your CV to hr@digitalhr.ru

  • One of the leading online retailers in Russia and the CIS is looking for Product Lead.

    You will play a key role in the future development of online-shop products and also define how company's products can support their business best, what the priorities should be, and which opportunities should be explored to strengthen leadership position.


    What you will work on:

    • Identify the growth drivers, create a strategy and roadmaps for development and for assigned product areas (focus on conversion).
    • Manage product portfolio.
    • Develop processes and practices for product discovery and development.
    • Hiring product managers and team development.
    • Optimize funnels and key business metrics.


    We expect:

    • You have worked in product management for at least 3 years, managing multiple software products.
    • You have worked as a Product Team Lead for at least 1 year.
    • You have to understand development processes and you have to be a very strong manager.
    • Experience in the E-commerce industry.
    • Exceptional organizational and analytical skills.
    • Exceptional English skills.


    Company offers:

    • Official employment, social package.
    • Competitive salary.
    • Flexible working hours, it is possible to plan working and personal time.
    • Challenging and engaging atmosphere in a team of professionals.
    • Discounts on the entire range of products.
    • The company invests in the education of their employees, they share knowledge within the company, organizing internal meetings and taking part in external events.
    • They are actively attend conferences as listeners and speakers (for those who want to prepare professionally for presentations with reports or presentations, they have Speakers Club).
    • Relocation package for candidates living outside Moscow and Moscow region.
    • A comfortable office in Moscow with activities like table tennis, kicker, gym and yoga.


    Send your CV to hr@digitalhr.ru