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О вакансии

This company is building the world’s most intelligent print cloud to make digital printing easy, efficient and local. They believe in sharing fixed assets – in their case: sharing print machines. Allowing excess capacity to be intelligently allocated.

They are seeking an ambitious and entrepreneurial operations manager to support Russian office rollout and expansion.

To be successful you need to be able to understand technology, be able to analyse and translate data into real world high-impact actions, have a strong operations mind-set, and feel comfortable interacting with multiple suppliers from print houses to logistics providers to accountants and so on.

The position calls for a combination of analytical and problem solving skills and strong communication skills. A person in this role should be comfortable in an "all hands on deck" environment, love solving problems, and thrive in a start-up culture.

The role is to be based in Moscow, Russia and will require occasional business trips to Oslo, Norway and Stockholm, Sweden.

What you'll do

  • Work internally with Russian management team and Global operations team to ensure smooth back office and supplier related operations.
  • Identify and approach prospect suppliers for back office automation.  
  • Conduct quality checks with suppliers.
  • Help to build an operational infrastructure for Russian operations, i.e. IT systems, customer service, back office procedures and reporting.
  • Follow up with suppliers on a regular basis and help to resolve operational issues. Typical suppliers are print houses, logistics providers, IT providers, accountants and many more.

What you´d need to know and have

  • Undergraduate degree from a leading university. MBA or Masters is a plus.
  • 3-5 years relevant work experience; top-performer with proven track record. 
  • Experience at a high-growth technology company, a startup or in management consulting from a top-tier firm is a strong advantage.
  • Data-driven decision mentality and sound business judgment through strong analytical thinking.
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills, with the ability to present comprehensive solutions tailored to a variety of customers.
  • Extremely proactive, organized and responsible, with the ability to think and act independently.
  • Ability to adapt, lead, drive change and grow quickly as team build the organization.
  • The ability to think big but also to execute well; be nimble and quick on your feet. You are detail-oriented and persistent. You like to hit the ground and just run.
  • Fluent English

Send your CV on hr@digitalhr.ru

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  • The company is building a technology stack for modern analytics.

    If you are fascinated by the software that powers large technology companies but wants the challenges and freedom that come with working in a small startup, then this job is for you.
    It's a small and dedicated remote-first team with an HQ in San Francisco, funded by top-tier SV investors, working on making advanced analytics infrastructure accessible to all developers around the world. 
    Most of the company's software is open-source, and they are focused on bottom-up adoption. Their goal is to grow the number of developers and companies using their tool from thousands to millions, and they also want to help them be successful.

    That's why we're looking for a Senior Developer Advocate to join the company's Developer Relations and Community team.

    As a Senior Developer Advocate, your main goal is to promote the product, increase its awareness and adoption, and support the community at large. You should have a background in software engineering, be excited about engaging with technical communities and have a knack for explaining technical concepts in a simple way.
    This role provides a lot of freedom and lets you develop and bring to life creative ideas for how to increase the tool adoption among the developers and further improve their learning experience. It's also a very multi-faceted role that involves working with all sorts of content and channels: examples, blogs, docs, events, GitHub, Slack, Twitter, etc. And while we'll be always there to guide and help you, they expect you to be a manager of one.


    Some of the things you'll be working on:

    • Writing and Editing: working on tutorials and guides, collaborating with community members, and helping external contributors to create tutorials and blog posts.
    • Code and Examples: creating and maintaining example applications built with their framework to highlight the different features of the tool.
    • Website and Documentation: being a part of the team responsible for maintaining landing pages and documentation.
    • Events: participating in different online and offline events to speak about the company's product as well as having an opportunity to organize their own events.



    • Development experience with JavaScript and Node.js.
    • Strong writing ability and skill in creating an engaging, highly technical copy.
    • A strong interest and background in community building.
    • A collaborative and feedback-driven mindset.
    • An interest in learning more about databases.
    • Previous startup experience or interest in working in a small fast-moving company.


    Bonus points:

    • Availability to travel.
    • Advanced knowledge of SQL and databases.
    • Experience in data engineering or building analytical applications Experience with React, Vue, Angular, k8s.


    Send your CV to hr@digitalhr.ru

  • masterhost, один из первых хостинг-провайдеров и регистраторов доменных имен в России, появившийся на рынке в 1999 году, в поиске Системного администратора Unix.

    Вам нужно будет заниматься:

    • Поддержкой серверов хостинг-кластера, инфраструктуры.
    • Подготовкой конфигурации для вновь вводимых сервисов, настройка соответствующего программного обеспечения.
    • Сборкой ПО, создание пакетов Debian.
    • Анализом узких мест в системе, разработка вариантов оптимизации.
    • Исследованием новых программных решений.


    Обязательные требования:

    • Опыт работы от 3-х лет в аналогичной должности.
    • Глубокие знания архитектуры ОС GNU/Linux (желательно Debian).
    • Знание сетевой модели OSI, базовых понятий и принципов работы основных протоколов.
    • Понимание принципов организации веб-сайтов и веб-приложений.
    • Опыт работы с сетевыми балансировщиками (LVS, HAProxy, NGINX).
    • Опыт администрирования DNS (PowerDNS, Unbound).
    • Опыт администрирования HTTP-серверов (Apache, NGINX).
    • Опыт администрирования почтовых серверов (Exim, Dovecot).
    • Опыт администрирования СУБД PostgreSQL, MySQL/MariaDB, Galera Cluster, базовые знания SQL.
    • Опыт настройки и администрирования PHP (mod_php, PHP-FPM).
    • Навыки написания скриптов (Bash).
    • Навыки работы с системами управления конфигурациями (Puppet, Ansible).
    • Навыки работы с системами контроля версий (Git, Subversion).
    • Опыт работы с нагруженными сервисами массового обслуживания.
    • Умение читать и писать документацию, технический английский.
    • Навыки работы в команде.
    • Желание работать.


    Будет большим плюсом:

    • Знание инфраструктуры Debian (dpkg, schroot/sbuild, Reprepro, Aptly).
    • Навыки программирования на Perl, Python, Ruby, C/C++.
    • Опыт работы с системами резервного копирования (Bacula/Bareos, Amanda).
    • Опыт работы с системами мониторинга (Nagios/Icinga, Zabbix).
    • Опыт работы с системами учета задач и заявок (Redmine, OTRS и т.п.).
    • Опыт настройки и администрирования Open Build Service.
    • Опыт настройки и работы с продуктами CI/CD (GitLab CI/CD, Jenkins).
    • Опыт работы с технологиями контейнеризации (Docker, Containerd, LXC и пр.).
    • Опыт администрирования и использования Kubernetes.
    • Опыт работы с технологиями виртуализации (QEMU, Firecracker).
    • Опыт администрирования и использования OpenNebula.
    • Опыт работы с FreeBSD и OpenBSD.


    Компания предлагает:

    • Интересную работу в стабильной и развивающейся компании.
    • Оформление по ТК РФ (оплачиваемые больничные листы и ежегодный отпуск, стабильно выплачиваемая белая заработная плата).
    • Работу в современном офисе (5‑7 минут от м. Кожуховская).
    • График работы: 8-ми часовой рабочий день с возможностью начинать его в промежутке с 9 до 11 с перерывом на обед 1 час.
    • Возможность профессионального, финансового и карьерного роста.
    • Испытательный срок 3 месяца.
    • Заработную плату по результатам собеседования, в зависимости от квалификации.
    • Дружный молодой коллектив.


    Присылайте резюме на mlyapunova@masterhost.ru