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О вакансии

This company provides eBusiness expertise, marketing solutions and technical tools to help brands building their eCommerce strategy in Russia: working process, eMarketing expertise of the local market, Customers acquisition, ROI optimisation and CRM.

Duties and responsabilities:

  • Definition of the commercial prospection : planning, contacts, meetings
  • Negotiating the terms of an agreement and closing sales
  • Monitoring the team's performance and motivating them to reach targets
  • Keeping up to date with products and competitors
  • Participation to the development process of the product TrackAd and the customer interface
  • Interaction with technical and creative team
  • Tools: Pipedrive,Google Analytics, Internal information system, PC or Mac power user

Work experience and skills requirements:

  • Bank and Insurance clients portfolio
  • 5 years of experience in eCommerce as a service provider
  • Problem-solving and analytical skills to interpret sales performance and market trend information
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills
  • Data analytics
  • Team spirit, enthusiasm, optimism
  • English spoken


  • To join a committed and talented team
  • Training and knowledge transfer
  • Full compliance with the Labour Code
  • Office Class B+ in Arma Zavod
  • Working schedule: from Monday to Friday 10:00 to 19:00

Send your CV on hr@digitalhr.ru

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Похожие вакансии

  • Компания, которая специализируется на разработке программного обеспечения в сферах медицины, науки, экологии и авто, в поисках C# программиста.

    Стек технологий: C#, .NET, Typescript, Angular, JavaScript.


    Предстоит разработка ПО в рамках различных проектов:

    • Интеграция научных приборов, разрабатываемых в компании.
    • Экологический мониторинг атмосферного воздуха.
    • Обработка результатов автомобильных испытаний.



    • Уметь и хотеть учиться новому, не стоять на месте. 
    • Быть готовым осваивать все то, что понадобится по пути: скрипты, различные библиотеки и т.п. 
    • Уметь работать ответственно и самостоятельно без постоянного контроля. 
    • Уметь общаться с коллегами из других стран по почте и в видео-конференциях. 
    • Английский язык обязателен, в основном письменный.


    Условия работы:

    • Гибкий график работы.
    • Официальное оформление по ТК РФ.
    • Работа в комфортном офисе в шаговой доступности от м. Владыкино.
    • Возможны редкие командировки в Японию, Францию и Германию.
    • Годовой бонус по результатам работы компании.


    Этапы интервью:

    • Общение с рекрутером DigitalHR.
    • Техническое интервью.
    • Знакомство с CEO компании.


    Присылайте резюме на hr@digitalhr.ru

  • One of the world's leading manufacturers and distributors of cosmetics and perfumes is looking for Regional Lead Engineer/Developer. 

    Key responsibilities:

    • To develop new features (Front-end and Back-end).
    • To troubleshoot issues and/or provide root cause analysis.
    • To adapt global implementations for use within the RU market.
    • To collaborate with global engineers, and architects to formulate the technical design of regional and local features based on established design patterns.
    • To develop efficient code in accordance with the signed off design.
    • To ensure that technical documentation for the region and market is kept up to date, comprehensive and accessible, and that there is active contribution and understanding of this documentation across the team.
    • To actively provide coaching and mentorship to grow the technical skills within the regional technical team and thus the overall bench strength of the team, working with local agencies as required.
    • To submit engineering requirements for projects/activity which is not led by the business such as enforcing technical best practices/clearing down technical debt etc.
    • To monitor code produced by the team and ensure that CI environments are maintained in a green state.
    • To increase the overall stability of code by writing defensively with particular emphasis on security and performance.
    • To be aware of the performance of the sites and the relative performance compared to industry best practices and KPI goals.
    • To guard the needs of the local team such that they have the right tools and processes in place, and are given work in a manner which allows them to succeed. If this is not met, to articulate the requirements back to the management team and prevent bad practise from creeping into workflows.
    • To maintain an outward looking perspective and import relevant insights and best practise into the business and critically cascade regional knowledge back to global teams.
    • In the future to build an agile local team capable of turning around regional technical requests with speed and with an emphasis on quality.


    Role requirements:

    • Technical background – an expert incorporating at least 6 years of technical development experience in web development technologies, with a thorough understanding of engineering principles and design patterns.
    • Solution design experience, with demonstrable success in large scale projects, ideally of an E-commerce nature.
    • Outstanding knowledge of HTML/CSS/Javascript, with expertise in Javascript Frameworks, particularly React & jQuery.
    • Experience with object-oriented PHP, Perl and/or Java.
    • Familiarity with Jenkins, GIT, AWS Cloud technologies, Atlassian suite tools.
    • Understanding of devops principles and associated tooling.
    • Understanding of Drupal theming system, ideally Drupal 7.
    • Experience working in Agile development teams and working with Jira is preferred.
    • Experience working on large scale, global projects is preferred.
    • Positive, collaborative, and solution-oriented approach to building relationships and solving challenges. Pro-active approach to problem solving, actively seeking to grow your skills and knowledge.
    • Fluency in both Russian and English, with the ability to translate complex technical matters between languages.
    • Experience in managing small technical teams is a plus.


    Send your CV on hr@digitalhr.ru