Why do most people in the world want to work at Google? The answer is here.

Added: 24/02/2016

Everybody has read about the corporate culture at Google. I recommend the film “Footage” to university students and future HR and PR professionals.

Google everywhere. Therefore, I can say, if you for some reason feel bad for this giant, "Work rules" is not the best choice. To move away from Google will not work.

The book is not only about how cool it is to work in Google. It's about how the ability to listen and hear the budget saves and strengthens the HR brand. All the examples in the book are intended to demonstrate the advantages of the spirit of freedom in the organization. Freedom is a beautiful thing, but that the employees have been working in Google have implemented "boost". It is like in a favorable environment, and in such prosaic things as checklists and instructions with job descriptions, which set up a working mood. But even Google has hard to resist everything "dark", which is in the person. For example, they have a strict permit system on the territory, which was implemented because of thefts and break-ins. And only thanks to a company with high employee loyalty, no such restriction is seen as an attack on freedom.

The book will delight hr managers and recruiters, who may like to calculate the patterns. Google teaches you to work with data even in this "deprecatively" area of HR. Thanks to a specially developed system of evaluation of staff and candidates, Google can anticipate the departure of an employee, and to return to the review summary, which a year ago was irrelevant.

Do you need to read this book? Simple question. Test your thinking on the principle of Google:

Situation: To assess the staff you have highlighted specific calendar days. Developers are unhappy, you see the resistance to change.
What to do? To introduce fines? Hold terrible meetings?

Google's answer: to HEAR dissatisfied. Date staff estimates coincide with the days of the release of the product. The developers most important. Change the date HR assessment and resolvable conflict.

Situation: the Staff stopped recommending their friends for vacancies.
What to do? To enter a cash reward for each successful candidate? To recast HR strategy to make the brand stronger?

Google's answer: to listen to those who recommends. The fact that the interviews within 8 months make you think of the candidates that is not very they need. A rare man will want to cause an inconvenience to a friend. Google made concessions and reduced the interviews and made the process transparent, everyone can track what stage is his friend.

Situation: You found that the Department has a highly efficient staff and those who are far behind. To tolerate such a situation you can't.
What to do? To introduce fines for failure to plan? To fire the weakest?

Google's answer: to HEAR the Laggards. To give an opportunity effective poluchit lagging, they can pull the tail to a new level.

If you doubt the answers, then you need to read this book.

P. S. At the end of the good news for managers: to create hr brand dreams don't need crazy budgets. You need to follow certain principles and to listen to their employees. They can see more ways of development for the company, because every day in contact with users, customers and partners. Encourage openness and initiative, you make the company more dynamic and at the same time resistant to external changes.

Katerina Gavrilova, founder of recruitment Agency DigitalHR

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